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This site has been created for your enjoyment. We hope you enjoy our site and please feel free to participate in the forums to share your thoughts and opinions on what ever it may be. Like in life please have respect for all users of this site and have fun, fun, fun.
Fun Gamers Community was created by dedicated gamers who wanted to create a clan that wasnt a clan but a community for fellow on-line gamers whether you have just started playing or have created an indentation on your favourite recliner. If you are looking for a community not a clan so that you can find like minded individuals to play co-operative on-line games then this community might just be the one for you.
Our legacy at FGC is that by building up a base of well rounded individuals with a great personality, we can create dedicated servers based on popular games, where gamers can come on and immerse themselves in the full glory of the game with like minded individuals, so that the community can grow and more dedicated servers for different games can come on line. It is the duty of every * member to administrate the rules of the servers for the enjoyment of all gamers of the server.

Australian Gaming

Online gamers often like to participate in others types of games online. There are a lot of choices for Australian gamers when they want to play some less intense games. If you have a short amount of time before you get into hours of strategic gaming you can play games like blackjack or craps on sites where internet gambling is offered. These are games you can play for a few minutes or longer when you have time to fill.

{FGC}* is now free to join!
Hey guys,

{FGC}* no longer requires its members to pay the $10 a month to cover running costs! {FGC}* is now free to join, and enjoy. You can still donate however, by clicking the paypal donate button on the home page.

Regards, L33t

From everyone at {FGC}* I would like to wish everyone a very happy new year!

Chivalry Medievil Warfare
Hello all, i just wish to let you know about a very awesome game called Chivalry Medievil Warfare. This is a total revamp of Age Of Chivalry, and now running on the UT engine. It is really amazing so far, so I thought to drum up a bit more interest in the game, if you have not already seen it.

The game can be purchased from the following,

Steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/219640/ for $24.99 USD
Ultimate Game Keys: ...

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New Features
Gday all, well the website's overhaul is almost complete. You will now find a bunch of new features including a fully functional Arcade system, play all your old arcade/Nintendo/Sega Classics right from your browser. All new blog system, all forum members now get their very own blog. Upgraded points system, earn {FGC}* Dollars for every post you make, and every reply you make.

Stay tuned for more features in the near future.

Regards, {FGC}* Team.

Steam Goes MOBILE!!!
The new Steam app is now available as a beta version on both iOs and Android. Visit the Apple App Store or Android Market to download your copy NOW!

Battlefield 3 server now pre-ordered.
Gday all, just a quick update.

Our battlefield 3 server is now pre-ordered. I will be able to set the server up on the 27th, ready for the 28th release. The server will be 64 slots, and will be called {FGC}* #1 All Maps CONQUEST (http://www.fgcgaming.com). As for our other gaming servers, they will be slowly put back online over the coming couple of months. (DODS, KF, AOC etc..)

Cheers, L33t.

As you all may already be aware, EA has decided to be snots and not put BF3 on steam. This is for a few reasons.

1: EA have rebranded their digital download service to Origin, which is virtually trying to mimic what steam does.

2: So that they can spam us with emails and in game advertising. (This is why it cant go on steam also, steam does not allow anyone but them to do all that stuff).

SO, inlight of this, i urge everyone not to buy BF3 from the Origin service. Plus, if you do buy the game off of origin, and you do not download or play the...

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New Style Forums
Gday all,

we recently decided to 'redo' our forums. All content is now much easier to look at, and have been placed in corresponding sections.

We hope you enjoy all the new forums and features.


Team Speak 3
{FGC}* has now opened our team speak 3 server to the public.

Simply use the servers tab on the website for connection information. Hope to see you on there soon.

Killing Floor server now up and running.
As the title states, {FGC}*'s killing floor server is now up and running. Simply use the servers tab at top of the site for connection information.


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